The Application and Registration

. Application and registration
1) Application starts from 1 aug – 21 Oct 2019. Download application form at
2) Verification and name changing can be done at during 21-31 October 2019.
3) Names cannot be changed while making competition draws until team leader meeting.
4) Application fee for individual competition is 25 USD or 800 THB per person, which includes one t-shirt of the event.
5) Farewell party for overseas participants and their entourage only. Dinner fee is 25 USD or 800 THB per person.
6) Application fee for team competition is 1000 THB/team.
7) Transportation service between official hotel and the stadium for those staying at official hotels only.
8) Team leader meeting will be held on 14 November 2019 at 16:00.
9) A farewell party will be held on 17 November 2019. Players should register who intend to join the party and pay the fees first.
14. All teams and players must be responsible for their own expenses in transportation, food, lodging and medical expenses.
15. The referee’s decision is final.
16. For more information and handing in application forms, please contact:
Public Relations: 218 Soi Chand 43, Chand Road, Kwang Bangklo, Khet Bangkorlaem, Bangkok 10120
Tel: 02-212-4112 ext. 110, 02-674-7615, 092-495-6524, +86-134-7103-6646 (Ms. Huaxing Li) We Chat: snowy629 Email:
+ 603-8957-8787 ( mr.Vincent Malaysia )
Fax: + 66-2-674-9774
E-mail: or
17. Other:
1) For those who did not receive an invitation but wish to join, please download the application form from the website.
2) In the competition, those who show up later than 15 minutes will be eliminated from the competition.
3) If there are less than three teams applying for a certain class, the organizer reserves the right to cancel that class (except for professional players’ class).
18. Registration and Application Form
– The application form can be downloaded at
– Bank: Bangkok Bank (Si Praya Branch) account number: 170-0-62367-9. After the transfer has been made, please email the pay-in slip to or Tel: 02 674 7615, 02 212 4112 ext. 110.



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